QtWeb Internet Browser Build 063 3.7

Rare web browser that features advanced security plugins

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    Build 063 3.7

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME

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    7.7 (20)

QtWeb Internet Browser is a lightweight, streamlined, and portable web browser solution.

The QtWeb Internet Browser is a web browser alternative that does not exist to one-up the competition. Instead, its goal is simply to provide the Internet browsing basics. The advantage of this approach is that the program can be very fast and user-friendly. Additionally, the program can have a very small footprint in terms of overall size on disc and in memory.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this streamlined configuration is portability. Since the QtWeb Internet Browser does not need to be installed, the user can place its files on a USB flash drive and run it directly from there. If the user creates bookmarks or caches a webpage, that data is written to that flash drive as well. It is worth noting that most modern web browsers have cloud support and can provide similar functionality via an Internet connection. Nevertheless, the QtWeb Internet Browser is unusual in that it is physically portable and therefore provides a level of security that most web browsers cannot match.

Streamlined does not mean bare bones. QtWeb has a tabbed interface and it supports video streaming and other advanced online services. One area where it does come up a little short is social media. Most modern web browsers have social media integration that users now take for granted. QtWeb Internet Browser does not have any yet and that can make traversing social networking tools feel a bit clunky.

An area where QtWeb Internet Browser is likely to surprise users is customization. It has eight built-in themes and provides the tools for users to define their own themes. There is also a surprisingly comprehensive help component that can work the user through all aspects of usage, including customization. The browser also supports adding and removing elements from the toolbars and it allows users to dictate the layout if the default, customary layout is not to their liking.

QtWeb Internet Browser has Adblock built in. There is no need to download an Adblock plug-in, install it, or configure it. The browser even supports updating the Adblock component and, when there is an update available, the program will request permission to update itself. Ad blocking is on by default but users can suspend it globally or on specific domains and webpages.

Finally, the QtWeb Internet Browser supports compatibility modes. Although it uses its own rendering engine and identifies itself as QtWeb normally, it can identify itself as different browsers via the user-agent string, including IE, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The browser can even identify itself as an iPhone or Android tablet in order to access the mobile version of a website.


  • Portable, streamlined web browser
  • Snappy loading and operation
  • Adblock integration
  • Offers compatibility modes


  • Limited advanced options and customization support
  • No social media integration

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